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"Tokio Hotel says hi to THUKST!
The THUKST was very lucky to be granted a few minutes with Tokio Hotel prior to their Helsinki concert on 7th March 2010. We took the opportunity to ask them to record a shout out to the THUKST and sign a couple of things for the UK fans to win.
Bill was eager to start signing but Georg had to come to the rescue being the only one who actually brought along a pen! The band signed a Union Flag (the one they’re holding in the picture) and a Swedish tour poster we picked up in Stockholm. It has the tiny quirk of Tom’s signature being the only one that’s not on himself at the bottom of the poster, but actually across Bill’s face. XD
The guys smiled a lot (except Gustav :P ) and were very polite and attentive with us. We are very grateful that they took some time out of what must have been a rather stressful day for them. While they signed we engaged in a little bit of small talk about the cancelled signing and the fact that they got stuck in the ice on the way to Helsinki. It was followed by us being very British and mentioning the weather…more precisely the cold! Bill agreed and said they were all wrapped up warm, waving his gloved hands around to emphasise. When asked if they would record a short hi to the THUKST the boys immediately agreed and happily got into position.
With the meeting being arranged at the last minute, we had to improvise a little! Not only with the things we got them to sign, but also with what we could give to them. Before they left we handed them a bag with sweets we collected on our travels and a note from the THUKST. As they made their way out of the room Tom mentioned to us that night’s show would be slightly different because some parts of the production didn’t arrive in time due to being stuck in the ice. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a fantastic concert and both the band and the fans seemed to have a blast! We sure did!
Keep your eyes peeled for when we post a competition to win the signed Union Flag and poster and enjoy the video!"
©Tokio Hotel UK Street Team
12.3.10 19:16

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Prinzessin Keks (12.3.10 20:22)
och so sieht es in meiner Tasche auch aus^^

anika (12.3.10 20:28)
das bild wo die alle drauf sind sieht so aus als ob bill sich an tom knuddelt sweeeet ♥

Prinzessin Keks (12.3.10 20:30)
tut er doch auch sieht man in dem Video richtig

... (12.3.10 20:39)
Tom, nehm Bill doch gleich auf den Arm.. ^^

(13.3.10 12:11)
twincest hahah

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