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Visão Júnior - #70/10

"Tokio Hotel in Portugal
The four friends who created a band could never imagine that, one day, they would be famous through all planet
At the age of 13, the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz already recorded the album of their career. But only three years after, in 2005, they created Tokio Hotel. The name of the band it's a tribute to the favourite city of the band, capital of Japan, Tokyo. Since the release of their first album in English - Scream, in 2007 - the band never stopped.
Because they are always travelling, the band members have afar school. Just with their tour last year they went to more than 12 countries, Portugal included.
After this tour, when they were back home, Tokio Hotel went on studio to record their new album in two versions, onde in English and the other in German, the mother-language of the band members. Humanoid was released in the end of the last year and their song Automatic is already playing in every single radio,
The band plays Rock and Pop, a lot of times, their music style is called «emo», a style where the song lyrics are very emotional because they talk about deep feeling, such as love. The lead singer, Bill Kaulitz, writes a lot of songs and confesses that the biggest philosophy of the band is to encourage their fans to fight for their dreams. After all, Tokio Hotel also fought for theirs, and they could make it!

The answers to Júnior Readers
Tokio Hotel answered to seven questions left on the website by the readers.

What do you think about Portugal? Will you stay here some days after the Chocolate? Patrícia, 14 years, Beja
We participated in our first MTV EMA (Europe Music Anniversary) in Lisbon, and that's what connect us to Portugal! In those times, we were completely unknown in Portugal and we had the chance to explore Lisbon as real tourists. It's an amazing city! We enjoyed to be there and we would love to stay some more days this time but, unfortunately, we will have to leave to go to another Chocolate.

You are always on tour. Beside the concerts and interviews, do you have time to explore the places you visit? Inês Vaz, 13 years, Bragança
Sometimes our schedule is so hard that we almost don't have time to leave the hotel. But we always try to leave at least to lunch and dinner. Sometimes, we dress each other and we leave the hotel incognito. In the next interview I can reveal what Tow will dress...

Your last album is about sci-fi and your feelings. How do you imagine the world in ten years from now and your life in this world? Alexandra, 13 years, Aveiro
I can imagine Georg finally having decent bass lessons! And Bill will keep trying to convince me to wear tight jeans!
Gustav: I clearly see Tom spending all his money on alimony (for his ex-wifes)!

What's the music you hear now (from Tokio Hotel or from another band)? Bia Sousa
Because we are in the middle of the rehearsals to the tour, we spend most of the day listening to our own songs. As soon as we leave the studio, we listen to differents kinds of bands and music styles.

Your tour is called Welcome to Humanoid City Tour (in Portuguese: Bem-vindos à Cidade Humanóide). If you were owners of a city, how would it be? What would make it special? Ana Nascimento, 18 years, Barreiro
There is not need too much stuff to make us happy. The most important it's the location. It would have to be a place where the weather was warm a lot of times, such as Lisbon.

Which are the common things of your life that you miss the most? Márcia Bernardo, 17 years, Porto
Shop in supermarkets. It might be strange, but I miss to walk around there and choose among all those fruits and candies!

What's the best thing a fan can told you? Inês Trabucho
Something about their private life - that means a lot to me. That's why I love meet with the fans and signing sessions. We have the opportunity to see the personal vision of what makes our fans' world move.

How are the green-rooms? Who is the funniest? Who's the calmest one? Who's the most stubborn? Adriana Martins, 15 years, Oleiros
Oh!, Gustav can be the most stubborn!
Gustav: And Georg is the most grumpy morning. This means he is always pissed off and in a bad mood when he gets up in the morning.
Bill: Tom does the best sandwiches, it might be the only thing he does the best.
Tom: Bill is the best eating sandwiches and that's the only thing he does, probably, the best. We all have fun together on the green-room. Each one of us has his own little manias, but after all this year together, we learned to accept and live with this.
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