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10.2.10 19:09

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"[...]For their debut at San Remo Bill will be wearing a T-shirt with a big splatter print, black jeans with a decoration made out of studs and chains and a leather jacket, decorated with sharp studs on his shoulders.
Tom, however, will be dressed in his usual hip-hop look: A T-shirt layered with oversized prints, baggy jeans and a sleeveless jacket made out of leather.
Dean and Dan Caten say: “We are happy to dress the band for the festival. It’ll be the right occasion for Tokio Hotel to celebrate the platinum certification of their Album “Humanoid”. Fashion is a passion of Bill and Tom Kaulitz, in fact, thanks to their choice of style, Tokio Hotel are increasingly successful and one of the coolest bands in the world. We are honored to work with them, like us, they are twins, we got on immediately … twin power.”[...]"
19.2.10 16:53

Arthur & Die Minimoys 2

Image and video hosting by TinyPicArthur & Die Minimoys 2 - Die Rückkehr Des Bösen M
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19.2.10 17:00 - 18.02.2010

When you went in the studio with tokio hotel, did you guys joke any, or was it just "business"?
Kerli: We had a good time. The boys weren't there when I recorded my parts. Bill had already done his. But we went out all together after. Had a nice dinner and partied a bit. It was cool.

Which songs are you going to perform for Alice in wonderland at Hollywood/highland? Are you excited to perform?
Super excited! It's gonna be walking on air, tea party and strange.

19.2.10 17:03

Twitter Update - 18.02.2010

19.2.10 17:13 - 18.02.2010

Bill & Tom Kaulitz Are Nice Guys
Tokio Hotel twins Tom and Bill Kaulitz enjoys some cancer sticks after arriving at the airport in Nice, France on Thursday (February 18).
Bill, and Tom, 20, are set to start their “Welcome to Humanoid City Tour” with Tokio Hotel in Luxembourg on February 22nd. The tour finishes up in Paris, France on April 14th.
Tokio Hotel also just locked up the Best International Band award at the NRJ Awards in France last month.

Bill und Tom sind nette Typen
Nach ihrer Ankunft am Flughafen in Nizza, Frankreich am Donnerstag (18.02.2010) genießen die Tokio Hotel Zwillinge Tom und Bill kaulitz genießen einige Zigaretten.
Bill und Tom sind bereit um ihre "Welcome To Humanoid City Tour" mit Tokio Hotel am 22.02.2010 in Luxemburg zu starten.
Tokio Hotel bekamen letzten Monat einen NRJ Award als "Best Band International" in Frankreich.
Translation by www.TH.LOUNGE.DE.VU
19.2.10 17:22

Support Acts

Welcome To Humanoid City Tour - Support Acts
22.02.2010 Esch: Pale Obsession
23.02.2010 Rotterdam: Only Seven Left
01.03.2010 Copenhagen: The Dreams
08.03.2010 St. Petersburg: Pro 100 Maria
10.03.2010 Moscow: Pro 100 Maria

19.2.10 17:31

press conference (Sanremo, Italy) - 19.02.2010 HQ
21.2.10 11:58

press conference (Sanremo, Italy) - 19.02.2010

Did you rehearse for tonight's performance? are you anxious about the performance with the orchestra?
Bill: Yeah it worked well with the orchestra and we're very happy about this performance

What do you think of your succes in Italy, we hadn't seen so many people in front of the Ariston heatre since Madonna and Take That.
Bill: We've just arrived here, we didn't know it, oh we're very happy about it.

You're always so careful about the way you prepare your performances, did you prepare something special for tonight?
Bill: I think that playing with the orchestra is a very special thing and it's different from our usual performances.
Tom: To make something special we thought that Georg could put up a strip-tease but we're not sure about it.
21.2.10 12:03

They´re saying the same things over and over again...
19 feb. During the press conference Tokio Hotel talked about their performance for tonight as hosts during the fourth evening of the festival. In addition to them, Jennifer lopez and Bob Sinclair will be there. "We made a good reharsal and we're happy to perform tonight", says the german band and so successful among Italian young people.
About your upcoming Humanoid City tour, didi you prepared something special?Can you tell us something?
Bill: We've been in London to prepare our new tour which will take us here for four concerts: the look will be different and inspired to the sci-fi world?

Are you David Bowie fans? Did he have any influence on your music?
Bill: He's not our favourite musician. Sure he's a talented musician but every kind of music is different from one another

You said you believe in extra-terrestrials: is it true or bulls*it?
Bill: It's true. But we don't think they're green with feelers

You organized an initiative for Haiti. Did you think about it?
Bill: We really appreciate this initiative which was incouraged by our fans

Aside from being style icons would you like to reach a wider audience and what are your goals, speaking of music?
Bill: We're a young band and it's normal for us to have young fans. We don't play for some audience in particular, we basically play for us. For us it's the same.

What would you like to communicate to your young audience?
Bill: We're 4 young men and what we do is singing: every song as got its own message and we wish for them to understand this message
translation by Bacettina

21.2.10 12:50

Gustav Photoshoot (Hamburg, Germany) - 16.07.2009 HQ
©Lass Die Hunde Los
21.2.10 12:53

Airport (Nice, France) - 18.02.2010 HQ
©Lass Die Hunde Los
21.2.10 12:56

Rai UNO - 19.02.2010

How do you feel about being here in Sanremo and how do you feel about your exceptional success? Is it for your music or your physical appearance?
Tom: We're happy od being here.. our fans are always welcoming us in different ways

How did you start? How do you become a tokio hotel?
Bill: I've shared this passion for music with my twin and gustav and georg for ten years and now it's a dream come true.

And what about these?
Tom: (laughs) It's my hair!
Bill: (laughs) Haare
21.2.10 12:57

TG2 - 19.02.2010

21.2.10 13:00 - 19.02.2010
"So abgefahren ist das neue Bühnen-Outfit von Bill Kaulitz!
Montag startet die Europa-Tournee von „Tokio Hotel“ in Luxemburg. Sänger Bill Kaulitz (20) bekam vom Luxus-Label „Dsquared2“ gleich fünf Bühnenoutfits geschneidert.
In Deutschland spielt „Tokio Hotel“ in Oberhausen (26.2.) und Hamburg (28.2.)."
21.2.10 13:02

Sanremo Festival (Sanremo, Italy) - 19.02.2010

21.2.10 13:03

Sanremo Festival (Sanremo, Italy) - 19.02.2010 HQ
21.2.10 13:04

press conference (Sanremo, Italy) - 19.02.2010

21.2.10 13:06

Bild - 20.02.2010

imagebam"Tokio Hotel - Das ist Bills neues Bühnen Outfit
Magdeburg - Ein Rockkonzert wie eine Las-Vegas-Show! Montag startet die Europa-Tournee von "Tokio Hotel" in Luxemburg. Sänger Bill Kaulitz (20) bekommt vom Luxux-Label "Dsquared²" gleich fünf Bühnenoutfits geschneidert. In Deutschland spielt "Tokio Hotel" in Oberhausen (26.02.) und Hamburg (28.02.)"
21.2.10 13:07

Bravo Shooting 2009 - Close Ups
21.2.10 13:08

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